A Voice for Justice in Honduras and Peru

Honduras and Peru: The right to free, prior and informed consent

The governments of Honduras and Peru award concessions to mining companies. Villages are displaced, fields and streams are contaminated and the communities have no say. Even so, they are demanding one thing: that their right to free, prior and informed consent be respected.

“We wish that mining companies would consult us directly, and that the benefits go not only to the mining companies and the government, but also to the communities, which need it the most.”

Arturo Castro, leader of Cruz Pampa, Peru

“I am concerned by the open-pit mines that are being established in our region. They consume huge quantities of water, cause riverbeds to dry up and contaminate the rivers with cyanide, which affects the surrounding communities… In the end, the mining companies have won over the government, who lets them do whatever they want and gives concessions to everyone. So, I am calling on Canadians to react, to write to the government so that there is justice and respect for the environment. The Earth was given by God and we must exploit it, but in a way that makes it all the more beautiful, not that destroys it.”

Bishop Guy Charbonneau
Choluteca, Honduras
Women of the Siria Valley have heavy metal presence in their blood due to a mine Honduras: Development and Peace supports the women of the Siria Valley on International Women's Day

It has now been two years since the suited managers of the San Martin open pit gold mine, owned by Goldcorp, packed their bags and left the Siria Valley in central Honduras.

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Mining and Human Rights in Latin America: Canada’s responsibility

This Friday, November 1stDevelopment and Peace will participate in a public hearing on the “Human Rights of People Affected by Mining in the Americas and Mining Companies’ Host and Home States’ Responsibility” during the 149th Session of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in Washington D.C.

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Arturo Castro, leader of the community of Cruz Pampa, a village that will be displaced by a mining project. Communities in Peru divided by mining projects

Near Huancayo in Peru, several communities will be affected by a major phosphates mining project that is spread out over 27,700 hectares.

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Human rights affected by mining industry in Latin America: Report on IACHR hearing

On November 1, in Washington D.C., seven Latin American delegates attended a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the Organization of American

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