2018 Share Lent campaign resources

  • Fundraising Tips
  • 1. Tax Receipt Eligibility Fact Sheet

    When organizing a fundraising activity, do not forget to take a look at our Tax Receipt Eligibility Fact Sheet to determine if donations are eligible for a Development and Peace tax receipt. 

  • 2. Tax Receipt Voucher Form

    If the donations are eligible for a tax receipt (see step 1), print copies of the Tax Receipt Voucher Form and bring them to your event. Explain to donors that they must fill out this form if they wish to receive a tax receipt.

  • The Art of Asking
    This document will help you to :
    • Understand the state of fundraising at Development and Peace
    • Understand motivations for giving and donor profiles
    • Access fundraising resources online
    • Practice asking individuals and/or audiences for donations in support of Development and Peace

  • 3. Activity Report

    Once your activity is complete, please fill out this report and send it to Development and Peace to let us know the results of your event. Remember to include checks, money orders and the donors’ Tax Receipt Voucher Forms, if applicable.